Shelly Johnson is the Vice President and General Manager for Alexandria Aviation. Originally from Elbow Lake, Shelly graduated from Alexandria Technical and Community College and has been at Alexandria Aviation since 1989. Shelly enjoys watching her kids' sporting events, taking family trips to Northern Minnesota, and taking the family boat out.

Kasey Martin is a full-time Flight Instructor residing in Alexandria. Originally from Glenwood, Kasey attended Osakis High School and then furthered his education by majoring in Commercial Aviation at the University of North Dakota. After graduating in 2021, Kasey returned to the Alexandria area with his wife Kelsey and sons Glenn and Roy. Outside of aviation, Kasey enjoys hunting, fishing, and attending car shows in his 1965 Ford F-100.

Reilly McCormick is a part-time Line Technician who currently attends Alexandria High School. Reilly lives in Miltona, Minnesota and comes from a flying family. Reilly is a recent Student Pilot who enjoys boating, traveling, and dirt biking when he's not at the airport.

Hunter Sell is a part-time Line Technician from Osakis, Minnesota and current student at Alexandria College. Hunter is in the midst of pursuing his ratings while working multiple jobs with the goal of flight instructing while still attending college.

Drew Opdahl is a part-time Flight Instructor hailing from Starbuck, Minnesota. Drew is a 2020 graduate from the University of Minnesota at Crookston, where he majored in Natural Resources Aviation. Drew enjoys hunting and fishing and helps out on the family farm in his free time. He keeps saying one day he's going to put a runway on the farm...time will tell!

Kreg Anderson is the Airport Manager for the City of Alexandria, as well as our Chief Flight Instructor and long time airport bum. Kreg is a native of Alexandria, graduating high school in 2013. He attended the University of North Dakota where he majored in Aviation Management, graduating in 2016. Kreg has been working at Alexandria Aviation since he was 16. Outside of work, he often flies for fun and is an avid EAA Oshkosh attendee. He also enjoys watching dirt track racing and basketball, traveling to visit friends, and eating pizza at Zorbaz.

Augie Gulbranson is a part-time Line Technician and a current student at Alexandria College. Augie lives in Brandon, Minnesota and is working on his Private Pilot License with the goal of achieving all his ratings to go to the airlines. Apart from flying, Augie is a huge baseball fan and enjoys hunting and fishing.

Matt DeBoer is a part-time Flight Instructor that lives in Evansville, Minnesota. Matt has had a couple stints in Alaska and brings some Alaska flying experience to the Alexandria area. Matt works a full time job in town and enjoys camping and spending time outdoors with his wife and kids.

Logan Streich is a full-time Flight Instructor originally from Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota. Logan graudated from South Dakota State University's aviation program in 2023 and relocated to Alexandria shortly thereafter. Outside of work Logan enjoys fishing on all of our area lakes and pheasant hunting.

Darrell Johnson is a part-time Line Technician and lifelong Alexandria resident. Darrell is retired from his full time occupation as a machinist and now occupies his time excavating, snowmobiling, and farming, as well as helping with odd jobs around the airport.

Jordan Halverson is our full-time Line Technician. A graduate of Jefferson High School in Alexandria, Jordan is a former machinist and artistic borosilicate glassblower. Jordan lives in Garfield with his wife and daughter and enjoys the outdoors, fishing, hunting, foraging for wild mushrooms, smoking/grilling meats, and outdoor survival. He's also a vintage aviation, automobile, and tobacco enthusiast.