Some days you want to get your own fuel and keep moving. Other days that Minnesota weather has you thinking maybe someone else can fuel your plane.

We get it. We're pilots too. You just tell us what you need, and we're on it.

Multiple courtesy cars available - just ask!

Aircraft requesting services after hours are subject to an after hours fee

I stop in maybe once or twice a year, and every visit is fantastic. Friendly staff, affordable fuel, and great services. Would recommend stopping in for fuel or spending some time visiting during the summer months.

- David Leiting Jr, Wisconsin

Great facilities and fun community. The airport has several bikes available in addition to the crew car. Would visit again!

- Whittaker Warrington, North Carolina

                    Full Service         Self Service

100LL            $6.45                      $6.15

Jet A*            $6.25

*Jet A is pre-mixed with Prist additive

Nightly Heated Hangar Rates            Other Services

Single Engine Piston - $50                            Tie-Downs - $30/mo

Multi Engine Piston -  $75                             Cord and Plug-In - $6

Turboprop - $120                                              Preheat - $16/Engine

Jet - $175                                                         GPU - $30

Full Service or Self Service

We have you covered