Teachers you can trust.

Instruction you can believe in.

Relationships you can value.

What ratings do we offer?

  • Private Pilot 
  • Instrument Rating
  • Commercial Pilot
  • Certified Flight Instructor
  • Certified Flight Instructor - Instrument

What we can offer with your airplane:

  • All of the Above
  • Multi Engine Rating
  • Multi Engine Instructor
  • Sport Pilot
  • Tailwheel Endorsement
  • Complex Endorsement
  • High Performance Endorsement
  • Insurance Checkouts
  • Aircraft Transition Training
  • Ferry/Reposition Flights

Fun Facts:

  • 70% of our students learn to fly for recreation

  • Our students range from 15 to 84 years old

I started with these guys in 1987 flying the Tomahawk and built enough hours to get my Private but never took the checkride. In 2017 I went up for a lesson, got hooked again, and re-committed to finishing. The atmosphere is always positive and that was a huge help as I moved through the different levels of certification. Since my training with them I’ve taken a position with a charter company on twin engine jets. Alexandria Aviation gave me the boost I needed and I will always be thankful for them. 

- Victor Kremer, Commercial Pilot

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Instruction Rates (Hourly)

Private Pilot - $55

In Your Own Airplane - $60

All Advanced Training - $60

Multi Engine Training - $70

Ground School - $55

Flight instruction is at the core of everything aviation related. You can't have airplanes without pilots, and you can't have pilots without instructors.

We feel like it's our calling to foster and grow the aviation community one student at a time. Not only will you achieve a pilot's license, but we hope you walk away with a sound understanding of why we believe flying is one of the greatest freedoms we have.

Our Airplanes (Hourly)

(2) Cessna 172 Skyhawk - $120

Introductory Flights

Cessna Skyhawk - $115

How much does it cost to get my Private Pilot License?

It truly varies based on your work ethic, ability to pick up new information, rate at which you train, and many other facts. With Alexandria Aviation, it is safe to budget $9,000 to $11,500 for a Private Pilot License.

How many hours of training does it take to get my license?

The FAA requires a minimum of 40 hours of flight time. The national average for new pilots is around 60 hours. The average pilot at Alexandria Aviation is ready to take their checkride around 50 hours.

How do I complete my ground school?

The modern way of going through ground school is with an online ground school course such as Sporty's, Gleim, MZeroA, King, etc. There are still some ground topics that must be completed in person with an instructor. The average student can budget about 15-20 hours of ground school with an instructor.

Is there an age limit?

The FAA requires students to be 16 years old to solo an airplane, and 17 to take the checkride for Private Pilot License.

What do I need before I can do my first solo flight?

Students need to have a valid FAA 3rd Class Medical certificate, and a Student Pilot Certificate. Our instructors can help you with the Student Pilot Certificate. However, we aren't doctors so we will have to refer you to an FAA approved physician for your medical certificate!

How long does it take to get my license?

That depends completely on your personal schedule, work schedule, family commitments, and finances. We have seen people whip through in six weeks, and others that have taken two plus years. We understand that each student has their own unique situation and we are commitment to finding a flying schedule that works for you. On average, our students take 9-12 months to get their license doing one lesson per week.

How long is a lesson?

Our standard lesson is a two hour block time with roughly one hour of flight time. Schedule dependent, we are happy to adjust the length of lessons accordingly.

Will you travel to me?

Yes, we will. If you supply your own airplane we can travel to your home airport. You will be charged the IRS mileage rate for each roundtrip. If you need to use our airplane, you will be charged for the airplane and instructor time to and from.

How long is my pilot license good for?

The certificate will last a lifetime. There are several requirements for currency though.

What tests are required for a pilot license?

There are two exams that are required. There is a computer-based knowledge exam, which may be performed at any time during flight training. There is also a practical exam, which consists of oral and flight segments. The practical exam is is performed with an FAA appointed examiner.

More questions?

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